Bucknell Instructional Technology

    As an instructional technologist at Bucknell University, I was the go-to person for anything video or media related. I helped faculty write and structure video assignments for their classes. I then taught their students the basics of video editing and production. When I arrived at Bucknell a lot of their equipment was outdated (i.e. tape-based). I made purchases that brought their equipment pool up to the current standards.

    I also worked with professors on their research projects. For example, I helped a faculty member create an archive over 300 hours of video interviews conducted over 8 years in Northern Ireland. I also shot and edited a 20-minute documentary about a unique class - one that challenged student's concepts of race, class and disability status. When an education faculty member wanted to shoot a Blues Clues type video for researching language development in kindergarteners, I worked with her on storyboards and green-screening the shoot. Every day was different and there were always different types of projects to work on.

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