A Subversive Act

A Subversive Act was one of the first documentary shorts I produced. I cringe at some of my shooting and editing decisions but this film definitely was the beginning of my career in documentary video. I wanted to include it here for this reason but also because it is such an interesting subject. If I ever get the chance, this could be turned into a really compelling story of girls subverting communist rule by playing punk music.

This video was shot and edited during a documentary program in Prague through the University of Texas. I was a graduate student in Media Studies at the time and worked on the video with Helen Gagne, a friend in the class. A Subversive Act tells the story of an underground, all-female punk rock group through its leader Pavla Jonssonova. When the band was playing under communist rule they often changed their name to avoid detection. They have been known as Zuby Nehty, Plyn, and Dybbuk.

Because we used footage from a copyright protected documentary and still images from a well-known photographer, this video can only appear on my website and is not searchable on Vimeo.

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