Digital Maine Launches

Digital Maine is a project that I was invited to work on at Colby College. Essentially it is a online space where we can consolidate all the digital stories that are being told about Maine. It includes The Good Life, an oral history project that archives the stories of “back to the landers” in Maine, Mapping Waterville, a mapping project exploring urban renewal in the city, and Maine Food, a documentary project that I am currently working on.

We hope to build on these projects and work with other faculty, students and Mainers to create stories about this state.


The Song of the Broad Axe

Just a quick update – The Song of the Broad Axe is just starting the film festival circuit. We’ve already screened at Maine International Film Festival. We will be screening at MIFF-by-the-Sea and the Newburyport Film Festival in September. Looking forward to more festivals in the fall and winter.

Maine International Film Festival

I have no idea how this is the only photo I took of the entire Maine International Film Festival. I think I was too nervous about screening the Song of the Broad Axe at the Opera House to take any photos. I grabbed this one when Nina and I went out to the lake for a picnic and a swim.