Maine Food – New Website

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I just (finally) finished updating the Maine Food website. There will be new films added in December, but all the films from the previous classes are up with descriptions. Check it out – I even designed the logo.

Digital Maine Launches

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Digital Maine is a project that I was invited to work on at Colby College. Essentially it is a online space where we can consolidate all the digital stories that are being told about Maine. It includes The Good Life, an oral history project that archives the stories of “back to the landers” in Maine, […]

The Song of the Broad Axe

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Just a quick update – The Song of the Broad Axe is just starting the film festival circuit. We’ve already screened at Maine International Film Festival. We will be screening at MIFF-by-the-Sea and the Newburyport Film Festival in September. Looking forward to more festivals in the fall and winter.


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A photo posted by Erin Murphy (@erineileen9) on Jul 24, 2014 at 6:34am PDT

Lydian String Quartet Shoot

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My setup for the Lydian String Quartet Shoot. Two cameras, four lights, two violins, one viola, and one cello.

Humanities shooting

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So many shoots this semester. Grabbed this shot in the sculpture studio. A photo posted by Erin Murphy (@erineileen9) on Apr 28, 2014 at 2:36pm PDT

Shoot at Brandeis

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Two weeks ago I was down in Waltham, MA at Brandeis University. I spent three days documenting a West African music group, Trio Da Kali, as they visited the campus. Not only did they perform, but they spent a great deal of their time visiting different classes and talking about their music and the Griot […]

Axe Knife

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This still from the shoot last week is too good not to share. An axe handle that screws off and turns into a knife.

Jan Plan

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Colby College, Waterville, Maine.

Finally the editing phase

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I’ve been shooting for the past four months. I probably have over 20 hours of professor and student interviews, b-roll of students working, and shots of artwork. All this is leading up to four, possibly five, videos for the Center for the Arts and Humanities at Colby College. I’ve been editing for about a week […]

Winter in Maine

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Portland Forge Party Shoot

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Spent the evening at the Portland Forge, filming and drinking old fashioned Blacksmith-style cocktails. Video to come.