MDOCS Storytellers Institute

I was asked to present my work in progress, WAZO:IDEA during the MDOCS Storytellers Institute. This was so helpful! Everyone was so generous with their feedback and it really motivated me to keep going. So thankful for the opportunity to screen my work, but also to get inspired by the other filmmakers and storytellers. Also, they had the best chairs.

Random Thoughts

The name of my editing sequence. I’ve been doing a lot of watching and writing about footage these days. And reading “How the Essay Film Thinks” by Laura Rascaroli. Not a bad way to spend my time.

Flaherty Seminar

I was selected to be a LEF Fellow for the Flaherty Seminar in 2018. This was such an incredible experience and I only managed to really take one photo. It not only helped me think through WAZO:IDEA, but these incredible filmmakers pushed me to think more deeply about my documentary practice as a whole. So grateful.

The Colgate Campus

Allen Island

Think this is the third time I’ve taken my students out to Allen Island. They are shooting short visual narratives about the space and the trip. Allen Island is off the coast of Port Cylde and was the summer residence of the Wyeth family.